A Few Simple Keys To B2B Email Marketing Success | Vera M. Reeves | February 04, 2016


A Few Simple Keys To B2B Email Marketing Success

Marketing is an essential component of business, but very few companies take advantage of the tools available to them. One of the smartest ways you can market any business which sells to other businesses today is through email. This article is filled with several great tips to help you successfully utilize marketing via email.

Target your chosen audience.
When you have a substantial number of readers, brainstorm ways to have them sign up friends. Always make sure there is “subscribe” link in the emails you send so that those who receive forwarded copies can easily sign themselves up if they are interested. Your subscription list will automatically grow as more people who are interested in your business sign up.

Targeting will make or break your email campaigns.
Business email lists are huge collections of email addresses of many professionals that can make decisions considering advertised goods or services. The emails comprising business email lists might come from different departments such as purchasing, marketing, financial, sales or engineering. Business email lists should be clearly targeting for one industry, job function, or both. In order to illustrate better the main features of quality business email lists, we should outline the fact that companies, which develop such lists over time or just buy them from Lead Roster, are interested in establishing long-term collaborations with other companies. To put it differently, business email lists are of much interest for B2B relationships. By contrast, B2C targets are never included within the business category -- marketing to consumers is another animal altogether. By choosing business email lists, we establish the entire online campaign on corporate principles. This means that the message is developed in accordance with business policies. The entire campaign gets readjusted to basic criteria that govern the business world. Classifying emails lists as business or B2B means that the list is somehow targeted for the person emailing, typically a salesperson (SDR) or marketer, to stick to a system and get results. The greater level of targeting and refinement, the easier it will be to attain high conversions and thus, success.

Direct email targeting is effective.
When specializing in a type of industry or product, you will need to look at the types of businesses, their size, and their location. Perhaps even more important than that is the targeting of the correct decision maker in the company. Think of a business as a prospect with its own unique characteristics and demographics. You cannot send out the right messages and offers to people who will not benefit from its purchase, or more often, simply don't care. Taking the time to research your perfect audience will bring a far greater return on your investment.

Use your competitors’ knowledge for your own advantage.
Your competitors, like all other marketers, are using social media tools for their power and effectiveness. Get on their websites, blogs, and forums. See what they are talking about – what issues they deem important. If your product or service is not considered a type of specialized niche, you will have to see what gaps are in your competitors’ products or services, an area that you can fill, an area that may be unrecognized and neglected. Utilize your email marketing campaigns to distinguish yourself from the crowd, beyond the act of pure competitiveness.

Every strategy and marketing mix needs the right foundation.
What are your available resources? Do they fit your marketing mix and strategies? One of the most important foundations for any business, service, or campaign is your in-house database of contacts. Every email marketing campaign needs a starting point of reference. Client lists, newsletter subscribers, and prospects, that have opted-in, or have expressed a genuine interest in furthering their knowledge of your company, is worth more than gold in the right hands.

A call to action must be compelling.
How will they benefit from clicking on your call-to-action? Offering free rewards is effective. Giving away eBooks on relevant topics of interest, free software, newsletter subscriptions with coupons, anything that you believe will entice them to take the next step. In B2B/enterprise sales, especially in technology or SaaS, the most common call-to-action nowadays is scheduling a meeting, a needs analysis call or a product demo; if you're in this category, you must read Predictable Revenue. You need to find the right mix of personal objectives and prospects' needs to guide you. Knowing what people want, and offering it to them, is always the key. Be consistent in providing value at all times. It is your prospects' perception and opinion not yours, that you need to address.

Email Marketing – Nurturing Client Loyalty
It is a fact that it is easier and more cost-effective to get repeat sales from loyal clients than to pursue new prospects. A business is not built on impulse purchases. It is constructed and developed with loyal clients – repeat buys, and referrals stemming from genuine goodwill and satisfaction. Household names do not happen overnight, nor are they obtained from quick sales schemes. As you climb up a ladder systematically, step-by-step, to reach a destination, you must climb the ladder to success in much the same way. As no one wants to fall off a ladder, no marketer wants to invest in campaigns that are not built from the right foundation.


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