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Moore and Drake (Pty) Ltd v Rooper Family (Pty) Ltd 1997 279

Understanding the risks of living in a low income neighborhood can be the difference between you walking into your home with everything missing, to walking into your home, seeing someone has broken in, but not a single valuable item you own removed from your house.

A lot of people play the “ignorance is bliss” card when it comes to securing their physical assets around their home. When in reality, majority of us in this country could make do with a yearly checkup to make sure we are taking the proper precautions to prevent ourselves from being completely annihilated in the event of a home invasion.

You do not want to be the one to have to listen to your family members tell you, “told you so” after being robbed. It would be so much easier just to have to tell the police what you think happened, and then be able to tell them that during the home invasion, you lost nothing overly valuable. Maybe the burglar got angry at the fact that he wasn’t getting anything good, so he ate one of your cheeseburgers in the fridge. It happens.

We Are All At Risk

What you do need to realize is that, yes, we are all at risk for a home invasion. With recent attacks by every day citizens on every day citizens, it can be difficult to really wrap our minds around what is going on in this country. But, what we need to do instead of sitting on our couches dumbfounded, is: Asses, Decide & Act. Or ADA. Taking these 3 small steps will help you be completely sure that nothing will ever be the absolute worst when it happens to you. Specifically, home invasions.

Asses – Take A Look Around

Assessing is probably the easiest part, for most people. You just simply need to take in your surroundings and get an idea of what kind of situation you are currently living in. Take a moment and ask yourself these valuable questions:

  1. Do I live in a safe neighborhood?
  2. Is my home secure?
  3. If no to #2, what do I need to fix? Windows, doors... Invest in a home security camera system?
  4. Do I feel safe?

After you have asked yourself those questions, and wrote down the answers on paper. You need to take a look at your answers, and decide if you are happy with them. If you are unsure about your answers, like you don’t feel completely confident in them, then the next step is very important

Decide – What Will Your Plan of Action Be?

This is the tipping point. A lot of people are not good at making big boy, or big girl decisions. They leave it to everyone else. You can’t do that. You need to make sure that when you are not at maximum safety from any external implications that can occur, that you decide on how to resurrect the situation and then take action.

So you’re unhappy with your assessment of your current living situation. The first thing you should do as stated more than once is decide on what you should do. Since it can be tough on deciding, if you’re not sure what to think about, we have put together some questions for you to ask.

  1. Should I get a safe?
  2. Should I hire a handyman to fix my home’s security flaws?
  3. Should I take up that free consultation on a home security camera system I got in the mail?

You probably answered yes to all 3 questions. The first one is really important. And we would recommend you go to Toss The Key to get a look at all of the top rated home safes on the market. It has helped many people make those decisions, we suggest you follow suit. A lot of high quality safes are on the markets for not too much money these days. Make the investment and stop worrying about Grandma’s old earrings out in the open.

Number 2 and 3 are up to you decide. Hiring a handyman simply means Googling [insert your city here] Handyman and something will come up. It is simply really. And just call the number on that slip of paper you received in the mail earlier this month.

Act – Take Action Immediately & Don’t Look Back

Taking action is a lot of people’s biggest step. Face it, you don’t want to look like an idiot in front of your friends, family and neighbors. You want to remain neutral and fly under the radar. Well guess what, when your house is the victim of a home invasion you will wish you had taken action and secured everything on the inside.

It is simple really, just put one front forward and then take the other foot and put it forward. Repeat the process until the process is complete. And what process is this one? Protecting your family, the people you love and care about. Protecting yourself, you don’t want to die early, do you? Take action on your plan. It is crucial to surviving in this world.

All It Takes Is A Little Money, Brain Power & Action Taking

It’s simple, really. The plan we have laid out for you today. There is nothing to it. And to be really honest, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have already started with step number 1.

Stay tuned for our next guide – how to keep your neighbors off your property. It involves a whole lot of fire power.


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February 06, 2016

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