10 Tips For Sleeping Well

We've all had trouble sleeping, either because of problems at work, in our family or simply because we can't.


By not getting enough sleep, we woke up in the morning tired, irritable and distracted. We do not work well, we forget things and we may get sick more often than usual.


By properly resting, you recharge your energies, improve your immune system and your brain stores memories better. The cells responsible for immunity are renewed mostly during this period. Getting it right is synonymous with health, wellness and beauty.


Typically between 7 and 9 hours a day is enough for most people, but not everyone needs the same amount of sleep. Only we know how much is enough for us to wake up rested.


Ten tips to help you sleep better:


- Keep a regular schedule, going to bed and getting up at the same time each day. During the day make only a short nap to sleep well at night.


- If you exercise, do it early in the day. Exercises stimulate the body and take longer to relax. Do not exercise before bedtime.

- Do not eat heavy dinner before bedtime, or have energy drinks or those with caffeine.


- No smoking or drinking alcohol before going to bed. They are also stimulants that keep us awake while also reducing the oxygen our body needs to keep us fully relax.


- Your bed should be comfortable, close the doors and windows so that the noise can not disturb you. Create a pleasant environment in your room. You should use a comfortable pillow such as this one here: www.pillowsplace.com.


- Change the sheets regularly and use soothing aromas that encourage sleep, such as lavender.

- Wear comfortable clothes in the bed, without buttons, with breathable materials that allow you to move easy during the night.


- A warm bath with chamomile and some salts soothe you and prepare your body to rest.


- Listen to a relaxing music, make it a low volume to quiet your mind. If possible, before going to bed have a massage (it gives pleasure and relieves the body).


- No work in bed or in your room. Try to leave your problems away from the bedroom. When you are tired, you cannot find a solution that will satisfy you. If a problem has a solution, this usually occurs when you are more clear.


Good sleep provides you with energy to deal with daily challenges, be more positive and see life differently, helping health, mind and body.