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Today, most of the network companies are using the IP address code in the production of wireless router devices.

This IP address is very easy to administer the software installs on the devices. Usually, the manufacturers are using the default IP addresses in the application and software on the network links, which provides access to the settings. This will be helpful for the users when the problem occurs and also make them to solve any problems. When you use the default IP address, you just want to enter the IP address as on the web address bar on your browser where this will provide access to the wireless router device.

Typically, these default IP addresses are available with great features of the software on this wireless router, which provides access to the user to change the router settings and made repairs. All you need to do is to log into the router software and make several changes in the following settings that include,

  • Network management

  • Security options

  • Router software

  • LAN, WAN, WLAN settings


  • IP Qos, Proxy, DNS

However, you can make changes in all these above settings and make adjustments by just logging into them. 

How to access the IP address?

The is used as a private IP address for a number of various router models from the various vendors. If you want to get the wireless router’s user interface, you just want to enter the address IP in the address bar of your browser. This IP address will log into the specific site and give you direct access to the login button. After that, the router will ask the username and password so you just enter it. If you want to know the default username and password, you can refer the router manual that brings you the entire details. For more information, you can check the user manual and get the instructions for your router.

How to install and setup IP address on your device?

When you setup the IP address, you can be used only one device at a time. Typically, the IP address belongs to the private IP range that allows the users to access only inside the local network. Rather than, the private IP do not allow the external access from any other outer devices from the outside of the network. All you need to do is to open the web browser and type IP that should be presented with a specific username and password.

When you load this private IP address, it will open the administration console. In case, if you want to change your default gateway, you just modify the address from the default one. Usually, these default usernames and passwords are common combination so better you search for the web or refer the specific manual for logging into the device. Therefore, this IP address is most popular choice for getting the administration console in many devices.


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