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The Easiest Method To Configure The Router

Only few appliances are very important for the personal and commercial purpose and the computer is best among them.

Nowadays, we cannot see an office, education institute or a factor without a computer because they all need a superfast machine, which can perform lot of tasks within seconds. In earlier days, people were doing the calculations and most office works manually, which have caused lot of errors and that took excessive amount of time to complete. After the invention of computer everything has changed from top to bottom. That’s why the computers are considered as the best invention of this century and it has reached a vast growth in the beginning in the year of 2000. Understanding the computer network is so easy but the users should know to install, uninstall and troubleshoot various issues of computers.

The gateway address for routers:

The networks and its concepts have important role in computer technology because it let the users to connect with the internet. The computer users need a router or broadband modem in order to connect the internet. It is the gateway to access the internet services from the local network. The users can connect their peripherals and make that as a local network. The modems are the important component for the network and nowadays, the users can connect to the local network in wireless mode too. Many of the users frequently asking about how to change the default passwords of the Linksys router and in the upcoming passages, they can find the solutions.

Procedure to change default credentials: 

The users should understand that, the Internet Service Providers will set the default Admin ID and Password for their modems while manufacturing it. Basically, the ranges start from to However, it is possible to change that ID but the users should know to reach the configuration of page of their modem and that procedure is given below.

  • At first, the users need to open their web browser. Then type http://192.168.l.l and press enter.
  • It will open the default page of the router. This is the gateway IP address for the Linksys and various routers.
  • It will prompt a box, which asks the Admin ID and Password to access the configuration page.
  • The default credential is Admin and the users need to type the same to open it.
  • Now, the users can find the configuration page of the router and they can find an option to change the credentials.
  • The users are advised to set a strong password, which contains numeric, alphabetic characters, special characters and symbols.
  • After changing the password and ID, the users need to click on Apply and the need to click on Save Settings button.
  • Now, the users can check the same by logging in again. This time the users should not enter the old credentials but new user id & password.

This is the simplest method to change the default credentials of the Linksys and other routers to access the internet.


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April 08, 2016

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