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Understanding IP Addressing

Networking is the most important component in the computer, because it provides the help to communicate with other devices easily.

As the way, networking is a concept of connecting two or more computers together for sharing their resources. To connect the computers together, it needs a specialized block of numbers that is called the ip address. Of course, the ip address is the most essential number that is needed to connect the computers in the most effective manner. In this manner, the IP address is an internet protocol that is used to tackle the computers present in the network.

What is an IP address and its types?

Actually, the term Ip address is used to indicate the sequential numbers that are used by the devices like the personal computers, routers and so on. They have used for connecting the computer to the local network. As these addresses are comprised with the 8 digit numbers, it is mostly called as the octets. Furthermore, there are 256 possible combinations.

In fact, there are two kinds of ip addresses available and they are known as the public ip address and the private ip address. As the way, the is a default ip address for the private usages. In this article, you will see about what can you do with in the most effective manner.

Features of address

  • Basically, 168.l.2 is the ip address that is used as default for the routers they have produced.
  • As well as, it can also be used by a large number of other router manufacturers.
  • This ip address is also effective for accessing the configuration options of the router in the best manner.
  • Additionally, it can help to troubleshoot the networking problems like the connectivity of the network, restoring the passwords for your home network.
  • As well as, it is the default ip address for most of the models of home broadband routers. So, it can definitely helpful for accessing the devices in the most effective way.

With the help of this address, you can access the full electronic network as the most commanding. As well as, the software for the router can offer the wired and wireless options and features.  So, you can make the necessary repairs and settings through this address.

In addition to that, this address can also provide the way to the administration panel of your appliance in the highly effective manner. In this way, you can get the access to some of the essential things like as follows.

All of these actions can be easily performed by using this is address and so it is the most important thing that you need to have for changing such kinds of settings in the highly effective manner.

In this way, you can see what can you do with and if you want to know more details, then you can search over the internet.


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