Additional Journal Article | Adina Marx | April 20, 2016


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Additional Journal Article

Spencer, Jennifer. “No Service: Free Speech, the Communications Act, and Bart's Cell Phone Network Shutdown”. Berkeley Technology Law Journal 27 (2012): 767–805. Web...

This article cites a modern example of issues that we face with modern communications, most notably with censorship.With nearly everybody having a mini computer in their pocket, sometimes governments find that they need to cut access after certain occurrences out of fear that a united group of people could riot or otherwise cause damage. The example cited in the article is that after a homeless man was shot on San Francisco’s BART subway, they cut off phone service within the system to prevent riots or other forms of disturbance. As a result, they were accused of being unconstitutional and restricting free speech, a barrier that has become increasingly hard to define with the plethora of modern communications and it presents the hurdles that communications law faces to stay relevant and accurate in the years to come.


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April 20, 2016

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Adina Marx

American University

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