The Importance of Networking | Malik | September 25, 2017


The Importance of Networking

For people who are just getting into the business world, getting your name out there can be tough. If you do not know anyone in the industry that you are taking part in or are even new to the country that you are operating in, then going to a local marketing or business conference can help you rub elbows with the right people. Often, at these conferences, there will be different people that are quite successful, and instead they are there just to make new friends and meet new people. This can lead to awesome opportunities because these people are often interested in helping up and coming people in the business world succeed.

What are the best conferences to go to?

From our experience, often, going to online marketing conferences has the best return. Meeting people who are killing it online is such a great feeling because sitting in front of your computer all day can get quite tiring and lonely. Meeting new friends and learning new internet marketing strategies will allow you to successfully maneuver your way through the complex world of online marketing.

Always make sure that you are not going to these conferences as a complete newbie. For very experienced or even advanced marketers, feeding somebody a silver spoon can be annoying and gets tiresome. Make sure you come prepared having already done some research on your time and are aware of what is currently working in the industry. This will allow you to avoid irrelevant fluff in the conversation and instead ask the successful people the hard-hitting questions right off the bat.

Always keep in mind as well that there is a lot of marketing conferences that take place year-round for all sorts of people. Don’t go to just one! Make sure you go to as many as possible and always meet new people. It will get your foot in the door of the business world and allow you to succeed much better.


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September 25, 2017

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