FCA Disclosure & Transparency Rule 5 (excerpts) | Holger Spamann | December 07, 2017


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FCA Disclosure & Transparency Rule 5 (excerpts)

DTR 5.1.2. ... a person must notify the issuer of the percentage of its voting rights he holds as shareholder or holds or is deemed to hold through his direct or indirect holding of financial instruments falling within DTR 5.3.1R (1), ..., (or a combination of such holdings) if the percentage of those voting rights: (1) reaches, exceeds or falls below 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%, 9%, 10% and each 1% threshold thereafter up to 100% ... as a result of an acquisition or disposal of shares or financial instruments falling within DTR 5.3.1 R2; ....

DTR 5.8.3. The notification to the issuer shall be effected as soon as possible, but not later than four trading days in the case of a non-UK issuer and two trading days in all other cases, the first of which shall be the day after the date on which the relevant person:(1) learns of the acquisition or disposal or of the possibility of exercising voting rights, or on which, having regard to the circumstances, should have learned of it, regardless of the date on which the acquisition, disposal or possibility of exercising voting rights takes effect ...
DTR 5.9. (1) A person making a notification to an issuer to which this chapter applies must, if the notification relates to shares admitted to trading on a regulated market, at the same time file a copy of such notification with the FCA.

[Note: The full rules are available at www.handbook.fca.org.uk/handbook/DTR/.]


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