Everything You Need to Know About Female Lawyer's Dress Code | Curtis Larkin | December 15, 2017


Everything You Need to Know About Female Lawyer's Dress Code

Let’s accept the fact that in style woman are always focused and keen on style! And, the talk about style remains incomplete without the French. Whether it is food, drinking or dressing, French women are definitely better than everyone else. Have you ever wondered how perfect Clemence Poesy and Lou Doillon look? If yes, you are certainly not alone.

Trying to decode the wardrobes of French women is an art. These women live with many style rules. They always invest in best-fitting dresses and adorable footwear. The value of French style has increased drastically and is widely spread. With this being said, here are few tips on how to stay, look, feel and dress like French women.

Be You!

First of all, you should try and build a signature look. Don’t follow latest trends. It is always wise to buy apparels you are comfortable in. According to experts, you must try and flatter yourself. Don’t care about what is trending and is latest in the market. True fashionistas know how to build a classy, signature look. You must stick to outfits that have similar aesthetics. (This will drastically reduce your shopping efforts!)

Everyday is A Great Hair Day!

Most French women have clean and well-brushed hair. Very rarely would you spot a French lady with fussy hair? This is because they wear the right kind of hair products. Carine Roitfeld, a renowned fashion editor always uses Bumble Surf Spray to keep her hair down. She pairs the spray with hair-blowing for a wind-blown look. If Roitfeld is able to do it, you certainly can!

Striped Shirts

Can style ever go wrong with striped shirts? No, never! You will come across many In Style Woman articles on how to carry your striped-shirt look. Striped shirts are more-or-less a stereotype of French women. This is because striped shirts can help you look cool and classy without many efforts. Pair the shirt with dark jeans and flats for that picture perfect look. You will find many stunning striped shirts from brands like Zara, H&M, and GAP.

Your First Trench Coat

The bond between trench coats and Parisian women is unbreakable. You can wear trench coats to weekend events, formal occasions and with casual jeans. As the weather gets freezing cold, trench coats can keep you comfortable and cozy. Famous French fashionistas like Francoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot are rarely pictured without the trench coat.

Clothes that Fit

In Style Woman strongly agrees on the fact that stylists focus on clothes that fit them perfectly. It is important to pick clothes that are not-too-big or too-small. Your clothes should fit your shape and body perfectly. There is no harm in wearing tailored and customized clothes. Remember, everything in your wardrobe must fit you right (both your shoes and clothes).

Picking Neutral Shades

If you are experimenting new styles, begin with a neutral palette. Most of the time, fashionistas stick to a palette of brown, black, beige and white. Add interesting shades and a pop of color to your shoes or accessories. For instance, you can wear a bright scarf or carry an orange handbag. This way you will never make a fashion mistake.



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