NY Criminal Procedure Law § 255.10 Definitions | Tim Wu | January 25, 2018


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NY Criminal Procedure Law § 255.10 Definitions

1.  [FN1] “Pretrial motion” as used in this article means any motion by a defendant which seeks an order of the court:

(a) dismissing or reducing an indictment pursuant to article 210 or removing an action to the family court pursuant to section 210.43;  or

(b) dismissing an information, prosecutor's information, simplified information or misdemeanor complaint pursuant to article 170;  or

(c) granting discovery pursuant to article 240;  or

(d) granting a bill of particulars pursuant to sections [FN2] 100.45 or 200.90;  or

(e) removing the action pursuant to sections [FN2] 170.15, 230.20 or 230.30;  or

(f) suppressing the use at trial of any evidence pursuant to article 710;  or

(g) granting separate trials pursuant to article 100 or 200.


 So in original.  No subd. 2 has been enacted.


 So in original.  Probably should read “section”.


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