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Right to Financial Privacy Act of 1978: 12 U.S. Code § 3404 - Customer authorizations

(a) Statement furnished by customer to financial institution and Government authority; contents
A customer may authorize disclosure under section 3402 (1) of this title if he furnishes to the financial institution and to the Government authority seeking to obtain such disclosure a signed and dated statement which—
(1) authorizes such disclosure for a period not in excess of three months;
(2) states that the customer may revoke such authorization at any time before the financial records are disclosed;
(3) identifies the financial records which are authorized to be disclosed;
(4) specifies the purposes for which, and the Government authority to which, such records may be disclosed; and
(5) states the customer’s rights under this chapter.
(b) Authorization as condition of doing business prohibited
No such authorization shall be required as a condition of doing business with any financial institution.
(c) Right of customer to access to financial institution’s record of disclosures
The customer has the right, unless the Government authority obtains a court order as provided in section 3409 of this title, to obtain a copy of the record which the financial institution shall keep of all instances in which the customer’s record is disclosed to a Government authority pursuant to this section, including the identity of the Government authority to which such disclosure is made.

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August 07, 2014

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