AG Sues Firewood Sellers Over Short Cords | miyakawa3 | May 26, 2011


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AG Sues Firewood Sellers Over Short Cords

AG Sues Firewood Sellers Over Short Cords January 13, 2005 JANUARY 13, 2005 JAMES MCKENNA, ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL, 207-626-8842 Attorney General Steven Rowe today announced that his office has filed unfair trade practice lawsuits against two brothers, Roland W. Hale, II, and Bryan Hale for delivering less firewood than consumers ordered and paid for. Roland W. Hale, II, does business as Friendly Firewood at 65 Winston Way in New Gloucester. Bryan Hale does business as Avery Acres Firewood at 12 Tammy Lane in Windham. The Maine Department of Agriculture has received 18 consumer complaints against Roland W. Hale, II, and seven consumer complaints against Bryan Hale. Inspectors from the Office of Weights and Measure traveled to the consumers' homes and measured the wood that had been delivered. In each case, the inspector concluded that the consumer had been sold significantly less firewood than had been ordered and paid for. Attorney General Rowe stated that: "With energy prices as they are, Mainers are entitled to expect full value for their home heating dollar. Short sellers of any home heating fuel can expect our serious and immediate attention." The Attorney General complimented the Office of Weights and Measure for its investigation of the consumer complaints. If any consumer would like advice on how to measure delivery of firewood, or wishes to request an official measurement, they should contact the State Office of Weights and Measure, 28 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333, or call (207) 287-3841. Consumers may also calculate the amount of wood in their own woodpiles by using the cord calculator on the Attorney General's website at .

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