Allocated Briefing Papers for Thursday, February 13th | Howell E. Jackson | January 07, 2015


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Allocated Briefing Papers for Thursday, February 13th

Please review one of these alocated breifing papers based on your date of birth within the calendar year.


David Burd & Brad Shron, "Analysis & Critique of Specialized Rules: Discretionary Caps, Spending Targets, and Committee Allocations" (Updated March 9, 2008) (Briefing Paper No. 1) (


Ellen Bradford & Matthew Scogin, "PAYGO Rules and Sequestration Procedures" (Updated March 31, 2008) (Briefing Paper No. 2) (


Robert Porter & Sam Walsh, “Earmarks in the Federal Budget Process” (Updated April 1, 2008) (Briefing Paper No. 16) (





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January 07, 2015

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Howell E. Jackson

James S. Reid, Jr. Professor of Law

Harvard University

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