Allocated Briefing Papers for Friday, February 21st | Howell E. Jackson | January 08, 2015


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Allocated Briefing Papers for Friday, February 21st

Please review one of these allocated briefing papers based on the first letter of the school where you did your undergraduate studies:


Stacy Anderson & Blake Roberts, "Capacity To Commit in the Absence of Legislation: Takings, Winstar, FTCA, & the Court of Claims"(May 2005) (Briefing Paper No. 12) (


Bob Allen & Sarah Miller, “The Constitutionality of Executive Spending Powers” (May 10, 2008) (Briefing Paper No. 38) (


Brian Callanan & David Weiler, “War Budgeting Strategies: Case Studies of The Gulf War and The Iraq War” (May 2008) (Briefing Paper No. 39) (


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January 08, 2015

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Howell E. Jackson

James S. Reid, Jr. Professor of Law

Harvard University

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