Allocated Briefing Papers for Thursday, February 20th | Howell E. Jackson | January 08, 2015


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Allocated Briefing Papers for Thursday, February 20th

Our primary focus in this class will be on the Starve the Beast Chapter, but you should also look over the allocated briefing papers, as assigned.

Please read one of these allocated briefing papers based on the first letter of your given name:


Mark Champoux & Dan Sullivan, “Authorizations and Appropriations: A Distinction Without Difference?” (May 10, 2006) (Briefing Paper No. 15) (


William Fay & Michelle Rogers, "Appropriations for Mandatory Expenditures" (Updated March 30, 2008) (Briefing Paper No. 17) (


Derek Lindblom, “The Budget Reconciliation Process” (May 11, 2008) (Briefing Paper No. 35) (



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January 08, 2015

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