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Copyright Act of Jamaica - authorship definitions

"author" in relation to a work, means the person who creates it, being in relation to-

(a) a literary or dramatic work, the author of the work;

(b) a musical work, the composer;

(c) an artistic work (other than a photograph) the artist;

(d) a photograph, the person taking the photograph;

(e) a sound recording or film, the person by whom the arrangements necessary for the making of the recording or film are undertaken;

(f) the typographical arrangement of a published edition, the publisher;

(g) a broadcast, the person making the broadcast as described in section 4(2) or, in the case of a broadcast which relays another broadcast by reception and immediate retransmission, the person making that other broadcast; 

(h) a cable programme, the person providing the cable programme service in which the programme is included;

(i) a computer-generated literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work, the person by whom the arrangements necessary for the creation of the work are undertaken, and in relationship to a work of a joint authorship, references in this Act to the author of a work shall, except as otherwise provided, be construed as references to all the authors of the work;


"work of joint authorship" means a work produced by the collaboration of two or more authors in which the contribution of each author is not separate from the contribution of the other author or authors;


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