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jose iacona

Registro de marcas

Estudio Iacona Agentes de marcas

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  • Trademark registration system in Argentina

    04/18/2015 added by jose iacona


    <p>Argentina uses the harmonized "Niza" classification for products and services all around the world. From class 1 to 45 we find products and services. From class 1 to 34 Products, and from 34 to 45 only products.</p> <p>The first step to register a trademark is to make a search on the official database. A lawyer specialized in <a title="patents and trademarks in Argentina" href="http://www.marcasregistro.com.ar/eng/trademarkregistration/">patents and trademarks in Argentina</a> can do a search and inform if the name that you want to register is available.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>With the confirmation that the name is available, you have to fill the official documents with all the required details.</p> <p>Once the process started, the trademark will publish on the official newspaper for 30 days. After the publication, you have to wait for oppositions or actions of the official office. After 12 months aprox, you receive the notification that your trademark is finally registered.</p> (less)